Seeing Differently

by | Apr 2, 2023 | Strategy |

seeing differently

Peter shared the above image a couple of weeks ago and I’ve been mesmerised with it ever since. You can imagine the arguments that occur by a group of people looking at the object.

It’s a circle. I can’t believe you think it anything else. How on earth do you get a square from that. And of course it’s yellow. What are you colour blind?

It’s a square. There isn’t a round corner on it. And it’s a blue as the sky on a clear day.

And the commentary could go on and on. And then they are brought together, close enough to the object that they can see both perspectives. The tone changes, ‘Ah clever. Why I never… Wow. Amazing. That’s very cool. And so on.

It is good to have a perspective. But it’s not the only one. Nor is it the ‘correct’ one.

Photo from Noodle Scratchers


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