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Giving Up

There’s been a point in every single project I’ve worked on when I’ve felt like walking away because trying to change organisations is hard work.  The culmination of moments after which I want to drop the mic saying "I'm out". My guess is, I’m not alone. Sitting...

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The Lie of Authenticity

In the world of fake news, information overload, social media, and the internet (where no one knows you're a dog), authenticity is growing in its street cred. While I'm a huge fan of authenticity, I've realised it can be over rated. Being aware of your emotions, your...

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Anticipation Anxiety

My son shares this trait with me. The mere thought of doing something new, going somewhere new, or considering a change sends our stomachs churning. The initial thought is exciting, but from there its downhill and as the start date/time gets closer the churning grows...

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