The Lie of Authenticity

by | Dec 30, 2018 | Change, Ideas, Learning |

In the world of fake news, information overload, social media, and the internet (where no one knows you’re a dog), authenticity is growing in its street cred. While I’m a huge fan of authenticity, I’ve realised it can be over rated. Being aware of your emotions, your skills, and who you are is fantastically important and a critical life skill to develop. So is being a professional.

In our push for authenticity we sometimes confuse it with professionalism. As Seth says, if I’m going in for knee surgery, I want a professional who is great at her job. I don’t want her to be authentic about her feeling that she would rather be still in bed.

Go ahead and acknowledge that you’d rather be in bed, that you’d rather not do the work, that you wish for the easy route, the lottery win, and then go, be a professional – do the work.


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