Hiding behind policies

by | May 24, 2019 | ICT4D, Ideas |

What is our policy on that?

Our organisational mission is to help the world’s most vulnerable people. Yet we need a policy on how to increase people’s literacy rates and how to use data responsibly?

Sometimes policies are a critical steps in shipping our work, making things happen. Creating policies, procedures, and guidelines truly falls into the category of not glamorous and unsexy work. And when done well, policies, procedures, and guidelines can be significantly powerful and enabling.

But sometimes we use them to hide. We do not acknowledge our fear, anxiety, unease about doing the actual work that we think the policy will enable. We use our ‘need’ for them to spend endless time in internal meetings talking about ourselves and the work that needs to be done rather than doing the work.

Policies don’t collaborate people do. Policies don’t treat data responsibly or increase literacy, people do. Policies can be a powerful enabler, but we still need to the work. We can hide behind policies or we can do can do the work. The choice is yours.


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