‘The’ Starting Point

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'the' starting point

We often need a winner. Someone to come in first place. There is only one trophy after all. We are looking for ‘the’ answer. This or that. Either/or. Right or wrong. Our world and our lives are full of this binary, competitive thinking.

And so when we encounter complex challenges, we struggle because our binary thinking doesn’t work. When we plan meetings and events to find a way forward, we struggle. We search for ‘the’ starting point, which doesn’t exist. Our fear of not having ‘the’ answer can paralyse us. However, there is rarely only one place to start. For complex challenges we often need many starting points. It requires us to circle back and start again. There is no shame in this, it is a requirement. If we only start in one place, we will not be able to find a way through.

Looking for ‘the’ starting point can be another way of hiding.

And so we start with what and who we know. Then as our knowledge and network grows, we start again from a different angle, a different place. And sometimes we meet others along the way who also have started, but from still a different place. And here, in the meeting of the two, we have a choice. A choice to compete or a choice to learn from each other. And then start afresh.

Photo by Gia Oris


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