Computer says no

by | Apr 13, 2022 | Change, ICT4D |

computer says no

‘Computer says no’ happens in multiple ways now. An error in the system, a misspelling of your name, a barcode or QR code that doesn’t scan, and so on that results in you not existing. And the immediate reaction is often to blame the person who is in need of help. ‘You must have done something wrong.’ The system is never considered to be the problem – it is almost viewed to be infallable.

And often the solution involves the person needing to ‘prove’ they exist by finding a ‘paper trail’ or by going to the help desk (which is also a distance a way). This tends to be approach whether you have a ticket to enter an event or are in a queue for aid.

The opposite of this would be to expect the system to get things wrong. And then to plan accordingly with lots of staff trained to help solve the problems humanely. And have them available at the point where problems occur, not far away. Perhaps, in some cases, to let people receive aid before the issue is resolved.

Computers and digital transformation can be useful, but humans should still be more important.

The choice is up to us.

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