Why did you do that?

by | May 26, 2022 | Learning |

why did you do that

Too often we are in competition mode, not learning mode. Perhaps its a scarcity mentality or some sort of fear we carry. When someone does something different than we want or expect, we lash out. Our ‘why did you do that’ comes from an angry place rather than a place of learning. Our tone often gives us away.

‘What did you learn?’ might even be a better question. You have a unique perspective on life. And so do I. What is it that you see that I can’t?

And why are surprised that people have questions about our ideas? Why are we surprised they are uncertain? Perhaps we need to see the questions as a sign of engagement rather than annoyance.

Listening to other perspectives on challenges, ideas, plans is an important skill. Listening, not judging or coming up with a counter argument. Empathy is the act of trying to climb into another and experience the world as they do. To leave ourselves behind and become another. For a minute or two. Perhaps we should start with a second and work our way up to 60.

Photo by Kelly Sikkema


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