Time, Space, and Priorities

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time, space, and priorities

Here in the UK, most schools are in the last week of the year. And due to the combination of summer weather being in full swing and being a farming community, there is also a LOT going on. Each week our school emails a newsletter with information and often photos. Over the past two months, it would have been impossible to not be aware that the Strawberry Fayre was happening on Saturday. It was in every newsletter, easily taking half a page each week. And the Fayre was great.

Tucked away in the calendar of events was the fact that yesterday was an open day at school. Parents could go into their kids classrooms to see the work they’ve been doing. Primary school kids still have that sense of pride in their work that often gets lost as they age.

We missed the open day. And we felt horrible.

We just didn’t see it in the calendar of events. Reflecting on this, we see that in communication what we give space and time to shows our priorities. Everyone knew about the Strawberry Fayre, many of us missed the open day.

What is true in a school newsletter is true in communication of visions, change, or anything. What we give time and space to, shows our priorities. Often this happens unconsciously. We give time and space to the novel, the event, not the regular or process stuff.

When you pause today, consider what you prioritise in your communication and is it what you want to prioritise? No judgement, just observe and adjust as required.

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez


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