The Unseen Influencer

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unseen influencer

Most tasks around our property exist on the continuum of time and money. If we have the time to give to them, the tasks can be done by ourselves for little cost, but will be completed slowly. When we need something done quickly and without our involvement, we tend to need to hire an expert which comes at a high cost. Sometimes, however, time and money go together as some experts have long wait times, but still cost a premium price.

In the digital product world, the time and money continuum exists too, additionally, there is the usability and security continuum. We can make the data 100% secure, but then it is usually no longer usable. On the time/money continuum, personal time (and skills) tend to be an influential factor in where a task falls. On the usability/security continuum, the key influencing factor often is trust in and between the actors involved. The greater trust, the less security is required. And vice versa.

Personal and sensitive data requires both usability and security, and can’t solely rely on trust as a determining factor. Governance (the often unseen influencer), when done well, is the codification of trust and accountability. Good governance is the articulation of expectations that create trust (the rules), but also adds the human element of training, capacity, and conversations.

Usability and security can exist together when good governance is added. When governance is missing, we tend to find exploitation.

What decision continuums do you see in your work? What are the unseen influencers?

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