Spaghetti, Shipping, and Being Scared

by | Dec 8, 2022 | Ideas, Learning |


Ideas are easy. Shipping is not. Shipping or putting the idea out in the world in tangible form might not work. No one may show up to your event. People may laugh at your creation. Your product may break. And so on. You have ideas and likely with each one you have fears.

So we hold back.

And then someone else ships and we become irritated. I could have, should have done that. That’s my idea. He stole it from me. We get angry or depressed. We lash out or hide in the corner.

The alternative requires us to ship. To walk with fear, acknowledge it’s presence, but ship anyway. Rarely is it life and death. If it was, most of us would choose life anyway. But this is not the choice you make when shipping. Sometimes it can be helpful to view shipping as throwing spaghetti at the wall. It might not stick, but it also might. Ship and see what happens. By shipping you will learn something. Something you can’t just by thinking about it.

Ideas are easy. Talking about them, writing about them are easy. Shipping is hard. Shipping is scary.

Do it anyway.

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