Seeing Angels at Work

by | Jan 17, 2023 | Change |


We were out for a family walk. Everything was lovely. And then it wasn’t. There was a slip and a strange desperation twist that our bodies can only ever manage in the air. Then a thud. I should have known immediately it wasn’t good, but I thought she was joking around. Perhaps I was hoping rather than dealing with reality. From that moment on, our day changed. It was a hospital day. A day of anxious waiting. Of scans and test.

And of angels. Strangers helping us up, carrying bags, giving us ice, calling clinics to ensure they could do necessary tests, showing us where to get food, and countless other acts of kindness along the way.

Change can happen in an instance. And not the chnage we want or expect. Our projects can be blindsided by events that can be nearly impossible to predict. Therefore hard to prepare for. But they do happen. And we can get through them. They do tend to upset our plans, our strategies, goals, and so on. And they often are emotionally upsetting too – different team members will respond differently.

But in these changes, angels often also abound. It is when they tend to do their most important work. If we look for them. If we let them. We can tell the story of the day focusing on the negative or focus on the angels. It is the same story just told from a different perspective. Both perspectives are ‘true’. The choice of what to see is up to us.

And so it goes for you too. What do you see?

Photo by Tanel August Lind


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