Today is the day

by | Jan 18, 2023 | Change |

today is the day

Today feels like the day we start. In reality, we’ve been working for months now on research, interviews, countless discussions, and planning. But today is the day it feels like we start because after today many other events occur. It’s like rolling a snowball from the top of a hill, it grows as it cascading down the hill.

Events often feel like a moment in time, however the ‘moment’ is the result of many other moments leading up to it. Change is rarely a ‘moment’ in time, rather it is all the work that goes before and after. Change makers are like conductors, curators, event organisers bringing the pieces together to create moments. And then over time the moments come together in an event or a movement and other can see what we’ve been doing the whole time.

The thing about ‘moments’ is that we almost never realise their significance till we look back. Therefore, today, we don’t know if we are creating a ‘signficant moment’ or simply contributing one more moment to the beginning of a movement. The same is true for you.

The one thing that we can be sure of is that ‘significant moments’ never occur in a vacuum or ‘out of thin air’. They are always the combination of things that come before. So today we work, we do the hard work of bringing people together, of listening, of sharing, of trying to bend the arc of change. Wherever we are. Whatever change we are working on.

Today is the day we start. Just like yesterday was and tomorrow will be. Today is the day.

Photo by Djim Loic


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