Building Planes and Spacecrafts

by | Feb 22, 2023 | Change |


One of the hardest aspects of innovators and change makers is our ‘two-footed-ness’. Most of us are juggling being ‘in’ the system while trying to change the system.

This different than the common analogy of ‘building the plane while flying it’. This analogy suggests we are starting with nothing, ‘blue sky’ sort of speak. But most of us aren’t. Most of us are trying to dismantle the plane, while flying it and building a new one. Often with the parts that we obtain by the dismantling. Some of us though, are trying to dismantle the plane, while building a spacecraft with parts from the plane and new things, while flying the plane and learning to the fly the spacecraft.

We may have a clear vision, but it can easily become confused. And no doubt, it is confusing and challenging for the passengers.

Photo by Brian McGowan


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