Journey Requests

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Often we invite people to join something specific. ‘Come for dinner at 6’. ‘Can you do the plastering in this room?’ ‘Our project has these objectives and we’d like you to help us in this role or with this specific task.’ There is clarity about the project or activity and the role we want the other to fulfill. 6

Most of our society and work environments operate this way. The vast majority of project management books, courses, certificates teach to plan out the details and stick to the plan. Often this means we’re supposed to be able to articulate what we will be doing in 6 months from now.

The speecific ask is clear. Easier to answer. Easier to make. Can you do X, it will involve Y amount of time, and we have Z budget for it? I appreciate these types of requests.

But I’m finding more and more than I need to make different requests. There are challenges I’m seeking solutions to that are complex and there is no known path yet. I don’t have a specific ask other than ‘Please journey with me’. There are people who have insights, perspectives, ideas that help provide clarity to challenges, which I can’t bring or see.

This is not a request we are used to making (or receiving). It can even feel awkward. It is a journey request, not task request. And they might just be some of the most important requests to make.

Who do you need to journey with in the months ahead?

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